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Introduce the composition of intelligent automatic production line

Release time: 2020-04-10 8:52:18

In the era of intelligence, the application of intelligent automatic production lines can be said to have been applied to various industries. This is a production system that connects a group of automatic machine tools and auxiliary equipment according to the process sequence by a workpiece transfer system and a control system to automatically complete all or part of the manufacturing process of the product. Below we will introduce the detailed composition of this production line for everyone.

Intelligent automatic production line

Main components
The intelligent automatic production line is mainly composed of active machine tool, transmission system and control system. The control system of the active line is mainly used to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, workpiece transfer system, and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the regular operating cycle and interlocking requirements, and is equipped with fault detection equipment and signal equipment.
Delivery system
The transmission system of the automated production line generally includes a machine tool loading and unloading device, a transmission device and a storage device. In the rotating body processing automatic line, the conveying device includes a gravity conveying or forced conveying trough or material channel, lifting, indexing and distribution devices, etc.
Control system
The control system of the automatic line is mainly used to ensure that the machine tools, workpiece transfer systems, and auxiliary equipment in the line work normally according to the specified working cycle and interlocking requirements, and is provided with a fault finding device and a signal device.
In the above, we have introduced the two major components of the intelligent automatic production line. I believe that under such an introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of this type of product.
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