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Take you to understand the processing technology of non-standard automatic testing equipment

Release time: 2020-04-16 8:55:33

With the development of the degree of automation of mechanical processing, the technological scope of automated processing is also continuously expanding. The basic content of the automatic processing technology includes most of the chip processing, such as turning, drilling, rolling processing, etc .; there are also some non-cutting processing that can also realize automatic processing, such as automatic detection, automatic assembly and other process content.

The characteristics of the processing technology plan of non-standard automatic testing equipment:

1. The blank precision in the processing of non-standard automatic testing equipment is higher than that of ordinary processing, and the structure and manufacturability must be considered to meet the needs of automatic processing.

2. Non-standard automated testing equipment The productivity of non-standard automated equipment processing is generally several times to several dozens higher than the ordinary processing using universal machine tools.

3. The processing accuracy of the workpiece in the processing of non-standard automatic testing equipment is stable, and the human influence factor is small.

4. The choice of cutting amount in the processing system of non-standard automatic testing equipment and the use of tool size control system are for the purpose of preserving processing accuracy, satisfying certain tool durability, and improving labor productivity.

5. In a variety of small batches of automated processing, consider the group technology as the basis in the process plan, and give full play to the advantages of flexible processing equipment such as CNC machine tools in adapting to changes in processing varieties.
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