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How to maintain non-standard automation equipment after assembly

Release time: 2020-04-18 9:23:15

Everyone knows that no matter what kind of equipment needs to be maintained during use, the following is a description of the annual maintenance of non-standard automated assembly machines (annual maintenance is to carry out several times of maintenance every year). .

     1. Check whether all electrical connectors in the electrical cabinet are loose.
     2. Turn on the power and check whether the power supply voltage of the device meets the regulations.

     3. Change the gearbox oil.

     4. Clean inside and outside of the equipment, no dust, no falling products

     5. The transmission gear is greased and lubricated.

     6. After maintenance, the joysticks should be placed in the non-working position, the electrical control switches, knobs, etc. should return to the "0" position to cut off the power.

     7. Power-on test to check whether each operating mechanism works normally

     8. Fill in the equipment annual maintenance plan.
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